Betsy de R. and Aunt Sappy Investigate




Bovine County ace reporter, Betsy de R. has solicited the help of Aunt Sappy who is now in Texas for July 4 celebrations. Tonight, they have embarked on some late night investigations around the trailer while everyone is asleep after the festivities. Betsy de R. forgot that she had left her hidden microphone on, and there is now a recording of their clandestine activities. They have posted the recording here for you to conjecture on their findings.

4 thoughts on “Betsy de R. and Aunt Sappy Investigate

  1. Oh! my god! somebody is digging a grave? Building a bunker of some kind? Are you safe, Aunty Sappho with two ps? Why oh! why did you go to investigate on your own, you should have waited for Reggie to find you…..


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