The Land of the Rainbow Squares

Land of the Rainbow Squares

I am a far travelled colour professor and one task of a far travelled colour professor is to teach about her travels and scrutiny.

The day before today I was in the land of rainbow squares, where any piece of land has a certain colour.

I have sketched my way to its warmer parts where the climate is dry and you only sometimes can find some plants.

The reason why you can not really see me on the sketch is because anyone who steps into one of the squares becomes the same colour as the appropriate square. However, if you look carefully you can see my shadow going from top to bottom.

Now if someone asks you about the land of rainbow squares you can tell them all about it and anyone will think I am a really good professor to have taught you so well about geography.

Finally I order you to fulfill an assignment. Choose some colours and imagine a part of the land of the rainbow squares. Draw it just like I did (or better think out your own colourful land). If possible travel to the land of rainbow squares and draw what you have seen. Do not forget to sketch your path through the country, imagined or experienced.

This post is on the one hand for Nana Lou and Rochelle, whom I promised to illustrate a fairy tale (I am sorry, but yes, this is  a fairy tale! …mph) on the other hand dedicated to Dr M, who asked me about my teaching art in her tree house. It was all fun, only we could not decide to drink tea like the British do or good Italian coffee. We had coffee promising one to each other that we will meet again some  day.

Who I am? I am perhaps the daughter of a child of the Burgeron family lost in the floods. This issue could not be solved yet, because my father has severe difficulties remembering anything.


6 thoughts on “The Land of the Rainbow Squares

    • In the never ending story there is a desert Lion in a desert with differently colored sand. He adjusts to the colours while going through his desert. One of my earliest animations took this idea ( I change the colors of a winged Lion. You can find statues of winged lions in Italy, Venice, true?


    • I think it is a nice idea. There is also an art theory I have drawn from. I read a lot of what the Bauhaus has taught, especially Itten’s Art of Color. In his book you can find an assignment where you are asked to choose your personal colours for a picture with squares. You could mention it for the ones who love facts more than mystery.


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