Opening Doors You Thought Might be Closed


I made this gif with Who knew that creating a gif from a downloaded You Tube video could be so easy? I have been working much too hard at this for the past 3 weeks! Sure, the name of the video editor is on my gif, but the video sequence belongs to The Prisoner series, anyway.

Sappho has been planning an escape route out of the Village. and she thinks she has found one! In the “Once Upon a Time” episode, Number 6 is introduced to the idea of a waste disposal unit! Here he is contemplating the words of Number 2.


Time is running out! The long summer evenings end soon, and Sappho needs to break away from the internet before fall courses begin.


She has bought some Village deck shoes to help her retreat, but after watching the final Prisoner episode, “Fallout”, she is wondering whether life can ever be normal again!


At the recommendation of the Village Philosopher, she has taken out Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot” and plans to read it in the next 3 weeks. After all, Nureyev had read all of Dostoyevsky!!


Prisoners, ‘idiots’, Village residents, fairy tales, Burgeron Trailer Blues-all have opened doors to the digital arts for Sappho. It has taken a lot of courageous experimentation on her part and a supportive online community which has tweeted and re-tweeted her work, +1 with comments on G+, a few backchannel emails, and WordPress posts w. comments-all bolstering her to find her own voice, and I think now, she has!


Thanking the DS106 community for opening doors and windows!


2 thoughts on “Opening Doors You Thought Might be Closed

  1. How lovely and it fits with our newly found door lovers club too!
    Have a great break! It has been wonderful to see you finding your way into the gif as a vehicle to story and your gift at being able to join the gifs together with words into a great narrative has not gone unnoticed!

    May be you own story telling blog next? Could be called Sappho Writes.


  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your comments! You have been such an inspiration-you are so quick on the draw with all this stuff. I actually already have two blogs, one for edtetch and the other for my Italian travels (rather unfinished, though).
    I will still be around, but not so active on DS106. It’s really been fun!!


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