Stop Press- News from Nana Lou


Well, look what Dr M found as she was checking the mail box for news from Nana Lou.

It seems she has gone to celebrate her birthday away from the trailer and with a mystery man, as well as with Aunty Sappho? As we say in England, and may be elsewhere, spill the beans, Sappy! Although the Gifachrome seems to have used very few colours, this shrink could swear that Nana Lou looks several years younger having fun in Maui.

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About @mdvfunes

Mariana Funes is published author, chartered psychologist and meditation teacher. In 2015 she completed a 3 year retreat as an 8-precept contemplative in the world. Her current research interest is digital contemplation. She is contributing to the creation of a digital monastery at the where her focus is online insight dialogue. Her writing on this blog now seeks to 'increase the visibility of psychology and raise public awareness of its contribution to society' as stated in the aims of her professional body The British Psychological Society.

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