One chapter for our family book is ready for proof reading

Our family ghost writer has been very busy finding a way to tell one of the biggest Burgeron secrets. After experimenting with a digital book, our writer just went for a good old fashioned PDF.

You can proof read one of the chapters of our family book here:
Chapter X:  Ron Burgeron tells his biggest secret


3 thoughts on “One chapter for our family book is ready for proof reading

  1. I love this story! I love the time-cycle! I love the drone-a-chrome! and that animated gif of the drone-a-chrome technology is one of your best ones yet. I now wait for the recording of the story, with music and appropriate sound effects…or the video….


  2. Totally amazing Ron! I feel bad that I wasn’t able to read it until now. The drone-a-chrome camera was thought to be lost in the great fire and you found it. A family treasure has made its way back to us. The whole family is going to appreciate also how you so artfully linked to stories & posts back in our #burgeron106 site. Our story will live on in several digital mediums. I’d like to learn about both of the apps you used to create these stories. Can you really make a pdf turn into an e-book?

    This digital technology moves so fast. After seeing your time-cycle take you on such a fantastic journey it makes me wonder if maybe there might be more of those out there and people are indeed changing history, like Reggie said. Hey… I thought I saw that cycle leaning against the trailer out back. Mind if I take a ride?


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