secret photos of AREA 106

As some of you might have guessed from Reggy’s linkin profile, this huge camper of his isn’t just like any normal camper. Under his kingsize bed, he’s got his own spy station.


Reggy’s camper isn’t like any normal camper


Secret control centre in Reggy’s camper








Cow abducted by drone to AREA 106

Last night Reggy used one of his remote controlled vehicles to have a closer look at AREA 106 and to see what could be proven of the rumours around this top-illusive area.

These are the pictures he took with the night vision lens on the Gifachrome camera he used. It’s still absolutely unclear what is happening in these buildings, yet for a first time in history of the Burgeron we can see some of this top-illusional area.


Hidden building on AREA 106


After crossing quite a large arid piece of land, there turns out to be a more bush like area in the centre of AREA 106. The camera caught this semingly abandoned building between the shrubbery.
It’s unclear if this is connected to the dissapearing of Don Burgeron or the missing MOOC.




Landing platform on top of building on AREA 106


Furtheron on the area there’s this building which clearly has got a landing platform on the roof. Could this be where the alleged aliens came from that took Anna Cow?







Drone launch pipes in AREA 106


This building seems to have two launch pipes. It’s not clear to which part of the solar system the pipes are directed, but small drones or alike could surely be launched from these pipes.




research_centreLast but not least, there’s this huge building with a enormous large number of windows which are all unable to see through from the outside. It seems impossible to get into this building due to the strong security measurements.
Reggy strongly believes that it is here that the rumoured experiments take place.




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