NanaLou & SindyLou- Lost and Found

 Heaven’s to Betsy…. What day is it? Wait… I don’t even know what year it is anymore… What year is it? Did I miss my birthday?  What about the family reunion? Last time I knew what was going on, I had asked cousin Ron if I could take a spin on his time cycle.  My younger sister SindyLou, who’d arrived a little early for the family reunion, wanted to take a ride.  As you can see by her expression below, she was not a happy camper.
I still don’t know how to control this thing.  All these dials…. no instructions… We were all over the place and time trying to get ourselves back home.  Thanks to Sappho for finding me while she was in Hawaii. Dr. M,  we’re going to need your help.  SindyLou and I are going to need some major therapy after this trip.  I see that your tree house is finished, and there’s little Doggie Boo out front waiting to greet us at the #burgeron106 trailer. What stories we have to tell.

NanaLou & her little sister SindyLou taking a “joy” ride on the time cycle. (Image captured with the drone-a-chrome camera.)