Festival Finale ala Hurricane Hans

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The Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival final two weeks have been canceled due to a severe weather event expected to hit Bovine County full force in a week or two. [Can you say global climate change boys and girls?]

The festival organizers and I have been carefully monitoring Tropical Depression Hans as it continues to build steam.  It has been reclassified as a Class 4 hurricane and is expected to reach the Texas coast next week.  Climatologist are predicting floods not seen in this area since the great floods of 1957.

In order to protect festival goers we made the only decision we could – to cancel the final two weeks of fairy tale workshops, Middle Earth and Music Mania, to allow everyone to find safety and shelter out-of-the-way of the destructive storm’s path. There are a few hardy souls in the Burgeron Family who have been granted permission to stay through the end of August to prepare the Burgeron place for Hurricane Hans, as there is concern that the Trailer will up and float off.

But all work and no play isn’t good for anyone, and I’m not going to miss/forget my birthday again this year!  So we’ve been working with Rockylou Radio Productions to host a #burgeron106/#prisoner106 radio show that will bring down the final curtain for Summer 2015.  Resident artists are encouraged to create and submit solo and/or collaborative audio from the safety of their homes. Dr. M has already been recruiting Burgeron Family members and Prisoner106 Village residents to create a new fairy tale. A radio show for all artists in residence is scheduled to air on Monday, August 31st.

Audio/ Music Projects (Aug 17-30) – Listening & Creating Audio: