Storytelling with Sally Lou

I was excited to start teaching my first “computer” class with little Sally Lou today.  (My great granddaughter on the Louridge side of the family.) Her friend will be joining us a little later in the month.  We plan on playing together every Thursday at 4:30 until the big Burgeron Family Reunion at the end of August.

It is amazing what kids can do if given the opportunity.  She dove right in.  Just like her great grandma Nana Lou.  After her dad asked if we were okay with onions as part of our dinner, (We both wanted to say, “Yuck”, although not to her dad.  We were polite and said, “No thank you.” instead.)  Then little Sally Lou used the Paper 53 app to draw a picture of an onion on a plate. She asked if we could make the onion smaller and place it on another picture with a person on it. (Creative kid!) But ol’ Nana Lou couldn’t figure out which app would help her that was easy to use on the spot. Sally Lou then suggested she could just draw the person in the corner. You can see her drawing below.  She is pushing the plate away with the onion on it and her tongue is sticking out. “Ewww….”


“Eww… Yuck… Onions” (Lady sticking her tongue out and pushing away a plate with an onion on it. Drawn by Sally Lou)



Silly Sally Lou turns herself old with the “Old Fart” app. Beard? Pipe? And look at that hair doo!

She also liked playing with the “Old Fart” app. Turning herself and her dolls into really old ladies – some very silly. The app crashed a couple of times on us, and I let her know that’s just the way it is with technology – sometimes it doesn’t work and we just figure out how to get around it.  That’s an important lesson for those Burgerons who are just dipping their toes into the digital media world.  Things go wrong all the time – expect it and move on.

This week’s computer classes are asking us to explore “What is a Story?”. So I asked Sally Lou if she’d like to tell a story about the pictures and I’d record it to post on our site.  She wanted to practice to get it just right. I told her that sometimes your first time is the best, but that I wouldn’t record her until she was ready.  After dinner she felt ready and I loaded up the iTalk app on my iPhone. I didn’t have to teach her about the Story Spine. She just knew how to tell a story.


Here’s little Sally Lou’s story about the old lady who wanted to swim, but couldn’t because she was too old.  Hmmm… I’m wondering if I’m  the old lady. 🙂


The old lady that wanted to learn to swim.

Then the woman next door helped her some more and more and more.


The woman next door who helped her to learn to swim.

But then after that the old lady got weak and tired. So she went into her house and never swam again.

I told her about the other Burgeron Family children around the world, and that I’d try to set-up a video chat for us.  I’m hoping Little Boo and Bella Burgeron might want to meet Sally Lou. Any other family members want to stop on by?

I wonder what the story is behind this one? I can’t wait until next Thursday to find out what the story is behind this one? Any guesses out there Burgeron Family?



#TvsZ Poetry

A Zombie Human Love Poem

by #TvsZ

Exhausted from running
and carrying all these
damned knitting needles,
I throw myself
onto this filthy floor
and sleep.

Nana Lou is fearless
Filled with moonshine
And bravado
She picks up a shoehorn
To battle the zombies

She falls to their charm and becomes enamored instead

And @NanaLou022, too
Are chilling in the sewer
What’s a zombie to do?

Swarming is tough,
The rules can be rough.
But zombies like verses
Just like they like hearses.

Gnash gnash gnash
With teeth sharp as knives
Searching for brains
Will we swarm like hives?

Listening, always listening
For their moans
Their breathing
The shuffle of their feet
Their terrible
dangerous teeth

They’re gathering
I hear their voices
The swarm approaches
And yet strategic
They keep getting closer.

No way to take a bite
Or nibble on their toes
Guess I give up the fight
And admire my foes.

beautiful sunsets wild roses the dead and the undead alike are as one in the can

My eye burns,
and my ear bleeds.
Silence from the #poem,
is what this zombie needs.

O Zombie O Zombie
Where can u b
Its me Nana Lou
O can’t u c?
An admirer from afar
with your ear in a jar



Sheep Shed #TvsZ Safehouse

It was a long day yesterday running & hiding from all those Zombies.  I’ve managed to keep myself alive along with a few of my friends. My safehouse at #NanasPlace was a life saver indeed.

Using Storify I was able to capture our conversation to share with you all.

==> CLICK HERE to follow the complete Storyfied experience at #NanasPlace <==

Those Zombies didn’t get us, but they were lurking right outside.  We could hear them.  Begging for body parts…… tsk, tsk….

==> CLICK HERE to follow the complete Storyfied experience at #NanasPlace <==

IMG_2209I was so exhausted that I slept through the night.  I wrote down some notes for today just before I nodded off.  I posted my #picsafe (A photo taken during the game and tweeted to #TvsZ gives humans immunity from Zombies as long as they are quiet.) kept me safe throughout the night. That horrible Zombie horde must’ve been tired after all that carnage.  They were pretty quiet last night.

But the morning rays did not bring peace to the Burgeron Family trailer.  We are still vulnerable.  There has been talk of antidote, but we humans are skeptical.  I doubt there are too many synthetic organic chemists among their lot.  And the humans are too busy just surviving to hang out in a lab.  And what about test subjects? Now that would be a tough one. Those Zombies would have no problem with biting the hand that feeds/cures them.

We are going to continue to need safe places to hide out until either we succumb to the Zombie infection or a cure is found.  It’s up to us remaining humans to do all we can to help the human race survive.  No tough guys left in Bovine County to protect us any longer. “Tough guy” Jean-Claude Van Damme ran away yesterday along with the Burgeron sheep leaving the #sheepshed as a #TvsZ #safezone for us.

“Tough Guy” Jean-Claude Van Damm ran away from the Zombie horde along with the Burgeron sheep. (Read about the making of this GIF here.)


Nana Lou’s Safehouse for Humans

Oh the horror of it all continues. Read all about it in the post by my grand daughter Rochelle Louridge reporting on my #TvsZ Zombie day. Those Zombie hordes swarm down on you at any chance they can get.  While we humans shiver in fear, remaining silent in the darkest of places, they go on biting and munching their way around the globe.  The infection is spreading so fast.  We humans can barely keep up.  But I’ve got a thing or two up my sleeve. I’m preparing a  #safezone right now at my place next to the Burgeron Trailer.  Those Zombie heads on spikes should keep them at bay for an hour.


Nana Lou’s place ready to be a #safezone for the humans at Twitter Vs. Zombies 4.0. The Zombie heads providing further protection.


I’m currently hiding out in another human’s safe zone Rhonda Jessen (@rljessen) and have a few minutes left to tell the family what I’m learning today.  As this is the first official day of our DS106 Summer 2014 Burgeron Family collaborative storytelling experience.


Zombie head hacked off by Nana Lou during Twitter vs. Zombies.

Taking part in this Twitter vs. Zombie thing was a last minute decision. I was worried my old age would keep me out of really playing the game.  But no way.  Your ol’ Nana Lou has been hanging in there like a pro. I was at the top of the 4hr tweet report when this Zombie attacked and I chopped his head clean off.  Put it on a spike along with a few of his buddies and placed them around my place as a warning to stay away.

The speed at which this apocalyptic event is occurring is  what has taken me by surprise.  I have to stay on top of my game at all times.  The rules are severly slanted toward the Zombies and since I’m still human the rules don’t allow for me to have much playing time. I sit back, watch, learn and strategize. We were given a #picsafe (take a picture during game play and post it with a tweet) this morning that allowed immunity from bites as long as we didn’t say anything.  This gave me the 60 minutes needed to regenerate my #dodge and #swipe defenses, but it also meant I had to stay quiet and couldn’t really play.


Zombie Selfie taken today at Stonehenge. The infection is spreading fast.

Well I didn’t sit idly by.  I went about taking photos of things I thought would come in handy like this Zombie “selfie” at Stonehenge.  I took Surfer Dudette’s head and placed it in front of my Stonehenge coaster and snapped the picture. Pretty clever if I don’t say so myself.

I’m new to this Zombie thing.  While for some this is their 4th round of #TvsZ.  I had to ask a lot of questions.  It’s nice that they give us humans a chance to remain safe with a #rules in our tweet.

I’ve been able to help others by answering their questions too, which helps me to feel like I’m still a part of the game.


I’ve also been favoriting tweets that I like.  Letting other players know I’m still here.  Just in hiding.

Even some of the Zombie tweets and pics were entertaining.  I’m an equal opportunity kind of gal.  They got favorited too.

I like this game.  It is teaching me how to do things quickly.  Like writing this post.  Normally I take forever writing something up to get it just right.  But I’ve got less than 10 minutes now to get this posted and tweeted before my current safezone is overrun by the Zombies.  I don’t really like having to sit back and hide like this.  I’m hoping there will be a rule change that will allow us to #Chop or #Hack or #Stomp on a Zombie.  I know the undead can’t be killed again, but we could at least stun them and make them wait 15 min to regenerate.

I’m getting ready for a full out offensive. I’ve already called in the Bovine Zombie Stomper Special Forces unit (BZSSF) to help us out.


Bovine Zombie Stomper Special Forces (BZSSF) unit to the rescue.


Nana Lou Zombie Killer

It’s the first official day for the DS106 Burgeron family reunion preparations.  And you’d never believe what our dear old Nana Lou is up to. She’s been fiercely protecting her family from those horrible Zombie hordes that have been increasing their numbers exponentially ever since Patient Zero over at Twitter Vs. Zombies 4.0 took her first bite last night at 8 pm EST.

Nana was utterly disgusted when she found a half eaten body out on the back 40. She went so far as to shame those scum Zombies for wasting their food.


And that little old lady of ours has been given ’em a run for their money I can tell you.  Her cans of Zombie fogger have come in mighty handy.


Nana Lou’s Raid Zombie Fogger to the rescue.

And she’s even ordered in reinforcements from the Old Country. The BZSSF (Bovine Zombie Stomper Special Forces) are on their way.


Nana Lou is bringing in the big guns with the BZSSF (Bovine Zombie Stomper Special Forces).

She’s gone so far as to taunt those Zombies by placing their heads on stakes outside her little shed- Like great big Zombie Popsicles. She’s figuring it will scare them off long enough to give a few humans a rest in a safehouse for an hour or so.


Nana Lou is surrounding her place with Zombie- heads-on-a-stick. She’s hoping to keep them at bay to offer a safe house for remaining humans.

I’ll keep you posted as I hear more breaking news.

Nana Lou’s Fall From Grace


Image created at the Newspaper Clipping Generator

Nana Lou’s Fall From Grace is reposted from DS106 Daily Create TDC889 “Rumors of Bovine County”.

Well, it’s coming up yet again.  Can’t this little blemish in my past ever go away? I’ve remained silent all these years, but Bovine County just won’t let it go.  Maybe I will finally have to give in and share the whole story at the #burgeron106  family reunion gathering for my 100th birthday. What other surprises might be in store for those folks who decide to stick around this summer.

Burgeron Backwoods Brew


Nana Lou selfie at the Burgeron Family Still this past week. (Remixed image CC by R. Lockridge)

Well, folks.  It’s Nana Lou here, reporting for duty.  Some of you may have noticed I’ve been MIA lately.  The truth of it is I’ve been holed up in a tumble-down shack in the middle of a God-forsaken forest  at the plum exact center of nowhere.

Yes, the birds are a-singing, the flowers are a-blooming and the lovers are pairing off to stumble down the aisle into wedded bliss.  That means pre-parties and after-parties and all manner of debauchery so the orders for a little backwoods refreshment are comin’ in strong with my grandson Don and his fool-headed cousin Clitus, Comet’s boy, tripping over themselves to oblige.  All I can say it’s a good thing Clitus’s brother Ron stayed home waiting for his newly discovered son Reggy to arrive.  Land sakes, I don’t know how I could’ve handled all three of ’em.

FamilyAncestryI will never understand how those three emerged like they did from the loins of our great lineage.  They’ve got the brains (of course) but no common sense.  It’s the 21st century, for heaven’s sake.  Anyone can run down to the Bovine County corner liquor store for half the cost and none of the risk.

But Don and Clitus fancy themselves in 1920’s pinstripes and bowlers so of course I went along to keep an eye on things.  And didn’t sleep a wink!  I do believe those boys wouldn’t know a condensing coil from Tigger’s tail. I was hobbling every which way just keep them from blowing something up. After that big blow-out a few years back when they were showing off for that hunky Jean-Claude Van Damme, these boys need lookin’ after.

Burgeron Moonshine Blow-out. (Image remix from Flickr Brent Moore)

Burgeron Moonshine blow-out a few years back. (Image remix from Flickr Brent Moore)

Still, it did remind me of a more adventurous period of my own youth when the excitement of explosive chemistry had not yet been tempered by army discipline.   Well, the good news is that everyone made it back alive this year and the only casualties were a few eyebrows and some future taste buds.

Of course the garden was a disaster when I got back, completely over-run with weeds, and the mosquitoes had conveniently bloomed into full blood-sucking harvest.  But the boys did finally show some proper respect for their elders and fixed it up quite nicely while I took a well-deserved nap.   They even called Gretta, Don’s ex-wife, over to make up a fine dinner and let the grand kids, Bella & Bonnie,  fuss happily over their great great grandma.  So all-in-all it was a rather fine adventure but kept me off-base for several days.  I might have to stay home next year.  I don’t suppose I’ll be quite as spry at 100.  Nana Lou, signing off.

  • Background image remixed from Flickr photo “Lost Sea Moonshine Still” by Brent Moore
  • Special acknowledgement to Nana Lou’s ghost writer, Amber Lockridge, for this inspiring post. 

Little Boo – the family ghost

Reading my grand daughter Sappho’s story today about why she left home brought back many sweet memories of her and her brothers, Don & West,  growing up in that old Burgeron trailer on 106 Stories Lane.  One such memory was fondly watching them play with our resident family ghost, Little Boo.

He’s been a part of the family for as long as anyone can remember.  And it’s not only the Burgeron’s who can see this sweet little guy. His friend Ina was a beta-tester for the GIFaChrome camera that another of my grand daughters, Rochelle Louridge, launched in December. Little Boo was thrilled to be able to show his true nature to the world.

My memory isn’t quite what it used to be, reaching that century mark in August and all, so I’m not clear how or when he showed up. It may come to me later though.