What happened to the Boos?


A cropped version of a photo on Flickr, here.

A cropped version of a photo on Flickr, here.

Many of you who are familiar with the Burgeron family know of the family ghosts, Mama Boo and Little Boo. See here for a post about Mama Boo that has a link to another about Little Boo.

In that post, Mama Boo says she’s not gonna tell us what happened to them or how they became ghosts because she says all that matters is that they’re still around and hanging out with the family and having fun and singing and such, so why dwell on how they got there? But really, how can she think we’re going to just rest with that? There have been rumours ever since she and Little Boo showed up, so many years ago that few can now remember when it was. It was all so hush hush at the time that no one seems to have written down what happened, and now those who can remember aren’t around anymore.

Some say the Boos drowned in the floods of ’57, but that makes no sense because we know they were around before that. At least, that’s what I heard from someone who said she heard it from one of the family members, who heard it from his grandpa, who said he distinctly remembered them being around during the war to end all wars.

Some say they succumbed to that god-awful flu that wiped out so many people during that god-awful war, but so did several members of the family, and why were the Boos the only ones to hang on as ghosts? Others say they died in an accident involving the family still, and the strength of that backwoods brew kept them going as ghosts for the foreseeable future. Well maybe, but then why aren’t the rest of the Burgerons who took some mighty big draughts of that stuff while alive also ghosts after they passed on?

I got no answers here, only rumours and unasnwered questions. Somehow we gotta get that Mama Boo talking.


Song for the Burgeron children

Burgeron family and neighbors

Burgeron family and neighbors

This old footage and an old recording have been mixed together to show the dance the Burgeron children sang and danced to.

We hope Bella, Donna, little Boo and Sally Lou will enjoy this song and dance coming summer at the reunion.
And … don’t forget dancing is even more fun when you do it together. So all adults (even mama Boo) can join the dance!

Little Boo – the family ghost

Reading my grand daughter Sappho’s story today about why she left home brought back many sweet memories of her and her brothers, Don & West,  growing up in that old Burgeron trailer on 106 Stories Lane.  One such memory was fondly watching them play with our resident family ghost, Little Boo.

He’s been a part of the family for as long as anyone can remember.  And it’s not only the Burgeron’s who can see this sweet little guy. His friend Ina was a beta-tester for the GIFaChrome camera that another of my grand daughters, Rochelle Louridge, launched in December. Little Boo was thrilled to be able to show his true nature to the world.

My memory isn’t quite what it used to be, reaching that century mark in August and all, so I’m not clear how or when he showed up. It may come to me later though.