A lyrics poster for a great song

wakedhersoul So I went to the Assignments Bank to do something for this week on design with a celtic flavour. I loved the image of the woman in the myst and used it as background for the poster. Then the fun started. Searching for celtic fonts I came across on called First order and thought it would make a good basis for my lyrics. I picked the bit of the song I wanted. Which song? The trailer of woe, of course. And set to work. Let us just say that I have spent a long while finding out about fonts and working with the idea of the assignment about how lines from a song can,

be illustrated by using only typography. Consider how the font, color, sizes and placement of the typography can reflect or emphasize the meaning of the words.

I have kept it simple so far, but even simple is hard. Colour, size and placement will be left for the future, I focussed on font choice and how it speaks to a specific word. Only images I allowed myself were Noun Project icons as full stops to a sentence. I have been through far too many fonts to mention but one I want to share with the family as we share a Zombie Heritage, walked_her_soul___zombie_fontI had poor Nana Lou walking her soul with the Zombies! I felt that was just too much pastiche so I did not use it but I did find it great that an elaborate Zombie Font exists. I then talked to Nana Lou on the porch and she said ‘My dear, I love your poster but I have a little problem with it. The song says ‘waked’ not ‘walked’. But I can change the lyrics for you… if it is easier’. I had walked the Internet for a font that would show a soul walking but this soul was waking not walking. Dang. The web gophers (are they elves?) got to work and in the nick of time the faux pas was fixed. This time with a subtle use of outer glow to show a soul waking up. Phew. Then another less controversial font, we have the Good bye cruel world font for ‘cruel wrong’, kind of obvious but does the job. Photoshop used with many layers, multiply blending option rocks, colour picker too. I was going to use Affinity Photo but got too impatient to try new tool. What is really lovely about this when you use it with new lyrics rather than ones you already know is that it is like doing a close reading of poetry. You learn the lines and have to embody them to find something to do with just letters…loving this! [update and sometimes you embody the wrong word ’cause you did not pay good enough attention when you first read it!] drM