Week 7: We Make Movies!


Little Boo sailing boats in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

Little Boo sailing boats in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

Mama Boo here, back from many travels over the past few weeks. Little Boo and I spent three weeks in Europe, and then I went to the U.S. for another short trip. We’re finally all back, and it’s time for our next week of computer classes. It’s the week I am especially looking forward to because it’s the one I have had the least practice doing: making videos. It’s time for these ghosts to up their trailer game and their video game for the next little while, before our reunion!

Some of the family are already working on a big movie for our family reunion, and Ronald L has already given us an amazing family story in video, telling Ron Burgeron’s biggest secret. Let’s all join in the movie making!

For this week, take a look at the section of the open DS106 syllabus called Making Movies. Be sure to read Video the DS106 way: try to give your videos opening title sequences and closing credit sequences, including any credits for images, music, other videos you have used (the credits are especially important for CC-licensed content you’ve used!).

Did you know you can download YouTube videos pretty easily for editing? The DS106 site has a page with tutorials on how to do so.

Now, if you’re not really sure what kind of video you want to make this week, there are some great assignments in the assignment bank. Some of the ones I’d like to try are:

  • Mash a Movie for DS106: Like having fun in DS106? Think others would too? Why not make an ad for DS106 using video mashups with this assignment?
  • Time Lapse Video: Take images of a project or an activity along the way as you do it/complete it and create a time lapse video to make it seem like it took mere seconds! Maybe someone should build a machine that senses alien abductions about to happen and blocks their tractor beams. Or try to build a time cycle like Ron Burgeron had!
  • What’s Your Skills? All of us here at the trailer have some special skills. Make a video that shows them off! Doggie Boo has already shown off her floating skills in an early GIFaChrome image. for example.
  • Public Service Announcement: Everyone needs to be on the lookout for strange goings on in Area 106, and for those pesky aliens. Why not create a public service announcement to remind us of these or other important issues?
  • Inanimate motion: Make an inanimate object move, through taking a series of still images. Why this one for us here and now? Well, just because I think it sounds like fun!

I’ll be your guide for this week, and you can reach me on Twitter through my friend Christina Hendricks’ account: @clhendricksbc

Let’s make some family videos before our reunion August 16!


A Gif with Gimp by Jack!

Well, some of the family wants to learn how to make an animated Gif and we could wait for a while to teach this on the right week of computer class but we have had a very kind gentleman doing the same computer class at the university make us a tutorial! Especially for the family. How lucky are we? His name is Jack Hylan.

Please be tolerant as he has chosen to pronounce Gif the wrong way but he makes up for that by being very funny and choosing a lovely Disney clip to make into an animated gif. It will appeal to the children! We will come back to this later on the course but those who want to be best in class might want to make a few gifs with Jack before then. Do make sure you send him a link on Twitter so he sees his hard work has been used by the family.