Freytag’s Dramatic arC

Listening to Cousin Froid ( gosh it is hard to type this spelling) tell the story of how Clogs came to be, I was reminded of the dramatic arc in stories. I could not remember where I saw it just that it was a video, that the guy’s first name was Paul, and that it was about storytelling. The Google obliged eventually.

So what is really interesting to me is the distress part and how it is necessary to help focus our attention on the story. Something dramatic has to happen or we just go ‘meh’ and the story falls flat. I need to review my Tango butterfly story, as it does not have enough drama in it. I need to have her fall and break a wing or something. Anyway family, I thought I would post this in case it is of use to others crafting stories this week.


A Gif with Gimp by Jack!

Well, some of the family wants to learn how to make an animated Gif and we could wait for a while to teach this on the right week of computer class but we have had a very kind gentleman doing the same computer class at the university make us a tutorial! Especially for the family. How lucky are we? His name is Jack Hylan.

Please be tolerant as he has chosen to pronounce Gif the wrong way but he makes up for that by being very funny and choosing a lovely Disney clip to make into an animated gif. It will appeal to the children! We will come back to this later on the course but those who want to be best in class might want to make a few gifs with Jack before then. Do make sure you send him a link on Twitter so he sees his hard work has been used by the family.