Resilience – 5 Card Flickr Poetry

Being a scientist by training, poetry hasn’t always come easy to ol’ Nana Lou.  Thanks to our week one #burgeron106 assignment I’ve had an opportunity this week to practice with a 5 Card Flickr story. I’ve seen others grapple with this assignment in the past. And it was nice to know I wasn’t alone right here in the family. Mama Boo shared her struggles and story with the rest of us which inspired me to give it a go.

You are dealt five random photos for each draw, and your task is to select one each time to add to your building set of images, that taken together as a final set of 5 – tell a story in pictures. I modified this a bit by telling the story created by the photos in the form of a poem. I find this helps me to get out of my logical mind (what I still have left after a 100 years…) and come from a deeper more intuitive place.  I even chose the pictures based on my intuition. When finished it just feels right.

If there is one thing about ol’ Nana that’s that I’m resilient.

Image Attribution: Tom Woodward (Photos 1,3, 4, 5), Serena Epstein: Photo 2


A promise of beauty, love and eternal life

Stainglass Window
A reality that includes death and decay

Decaying door
Don’t despair. Recover, Rebuild, make new again

The tree of life invites you to open the gate

Where Spring brings a refreshed promise of new life: emerging, unfolding

SpringUnfolding Eternally beginning again


Floating–a 5 Card Flickr story

Mama Boo here again, with another assignment from week 1 of our computer classes.

One thing that was suggested on the assignments for this week was to try telling a story in pictures. I have never tried the “five card flickr” site that our friend CogDog made. You get five sets of randomly chosen flickr photos and you pick one from each set, until you end up with five photos. I chose to do the variation where you just use photos tagged “dailycreate,” so you’re getting images that people have uploaded to flickr as part of the ds106 Daily Create.

This was harder than it seems. When you get five seemingly random pictures and try to tell a story by picking one at a time and putting them in sequence, you really have to think on multiple levels about how they might fit together into a story as you’re picking the next ones. Or you could just pick images you like and come up with a story afterwards.

Here is the story I made from the images I chose. Maybe it makes sense coming from a ghost. But I don’t think it’s a ghost story.

Five Card Story: Floating

a The Daily Create story created by Mama Boo

flickr photo by Bookhenge

flickr photo by joanne2012Jan

As the wires hummed and shuddered with activity, M– took a break from her work, thankful that the electricity was still on. It wasn’t clear what was happening outside (What was up with that red sky? And why had the television and the radio suddenly gone silent?), but there was no way she was going to be able to continue with those forms tonight. Something didn’t feel right.

flickr photo by wwnorm

M– ventured outside, where all seemed strangely distorted. “Must be all that staring at small print and computer screens,” she thought, as her eyes slowly adjusted and she was able to see a bit more clearly. Something about the warm, summer night and the soothing sounds of the insects kept her out for hours, just sitting in the old tire swing and wondering quietly about the sense of calm that had come over her (while trying not to ruin it by thinking about it too much).

flickr photo by mdvfunes

flickr photo by chickadeeacres

Next thing she knew, the sun was rising and there they were–inexplicable, improbable, iridescent. As she watched them float she felt a gentle tug upwards, and the blue filled her eyes and her mind even as part of her rested securely on the ground, feeling the warmth of the grass.

M– knew those forms would wait there forever. And, stretched between earth and sky, she no longer needed them.