Haunted Trailer


It’s been a while since we found Nana Lou surfing with Sappho on Maui.The leaves are falling now from the few trees around the Burgeron Trailer, and the Burgerons are nowhere to be found, leaving the trailer abandoned to the elements. Spiders make homes now where pets were housed and the full harvest moon languishes in the sky casting ghostly shadows on the once lively trailer in Bovine County. Nana Lou’s spirit still haunts the trailer grounds, and her ghost appears from the balcony of Dr. M’s tree-house on moonlit nights. Strange howls and cat screams punctuate the still nights while the ‘East of the Web’ Witch has been seen riding her broom above the trailer.

Standin’ On The Corner

DS 106 Daily Create

For the Eagles, the story was meeting a girl in a flat bed Ford– what else might have happened on this corner?
Sappho’s story coming soon……



Original photo: Creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Striking Pay Dirt

Betsy de R. and Aunt Sappy have struck pay dirt!

They are not telling their story quite yet, but they wanted to show the Burgeron family some of their findings in that old tin can they found while digging late at night 2 weeks ago.

Striking Pay Dirt


On their way to the internet cafe to post their news, they passed a sign in Bovine which brought back many memories. What with all of Don’s cows running around lately, they thought it was time to remember some of the chickens at the trailer!


Betsy de R. is sure that the Bovine Herald will pick up on the Bitcoin discovery unearthed 2 weeks ago under the trailer deck.

To listen again to the investigative digging, click here! (that’s for you, Don!)




All writing by Sappho (@Janweb3)


Post Cards from Cousin Froid


Froid-froidLong-lost cousin Froid Burgeron from Canada (his great-Grandfather, who homesteaded in Alberta, was second-cousin to Nana Lou’s step-great-uncle, who was the seventh son of her great grandfather’s third wife by a previous marriage*) learned the family was having a #Burgeron106 reunion when he bumped into Nana Lou during a harrowing encounter with a horde of Zombies.  He sang a duet with Nana Lou at the trailer https://soundcloud.com/wayupnorth/trailerblues-nanalou-and-jim-too. That was when Nana Lou and Dr M invited Froid to the reunion.

Today Dr M left a trailer key for him under the gardenia pot outside the tree house. (Just sayin’  in case any of his wild relatives get a notion he’s broken in and head for the guns they keep hidden by the still. – oh wait – guess nobody hides guns in Texas #opencarry)

Froid has been sending post cards on his trip from wayUpNorth (dot ca) to attend the #burgeron106 Family Reunion @NanaLou022’s trailer in Bovine County, Texas. Froid didn’t have the right hashtag when he started out, so he storified his post cards to share them with the whole family. Now he can’t figure out how to embed them on wordpress.com.
Here’s the link to the full story so far: summer-of-the-trailer on Storify

In a Nutshell, Floyd ran into problems on the way.

@NanaLou022 Long-lost cousin, Froid Burgeron, prepares for long trip from his home to #ds106 summer trailer. http://t.co/flSqWrRJUV

Texas was farther than he figgered, and spring caught up with him.

@NanaLou022 ice melted B4 I could ski-doo out of NWT for Burgeron Reunion. Making other plans to attend 100 Bday http://t.co/Gtf1u2wBCv

After the snow melted, he thought he’d use the minivan but

forest fires closed the highway.

Floyd hopes he will be able to make it all the way to the reunion now that he’s had to go back and dig under the mattress to finance some high-priced transportation.

@NanaLou022 Snow's all melted. Highway closed by wildfires. Cousin Froid now trying this to jump-start trip http://t.co/Gh6YFvEbTy

Froid is trying to persuade Anna Cow or Super Moo to help out with a situation he found down in Alberta where his closest relatives live. More postcards to come.


*probably gonna need some help showin’ that graft-in on the family tree, Nana Lou

Sappho: Greek Day


Sappho has been taking some time out from her Burgeron preparations to enjoy the warm summer and all the street festivals in neighboring Bovine County towns. Although she has never known why Ma and Pa Burgeron gave her a Greek name, she has always been fascinated by antiquity and especially some of the folkdancing still preserved in the many multicultural communities across North America. The links to the ‘old country’ are palpable in dance and food.

Here is a video of Greek Day which Sappho filmed while traveling last year.


Sappho and Betsy de R. have also been digging around the Burgeron trailer off and on looking to unearth some of the Burgeron secrets and mysteries through artifact collection. Last week, they found an old tin can under one of the trees near the trailer deck. Betsy de R., ace reporter, was able to capture an image even with very little light. When Sappho saw the old tin can, she was reminded of a story Pa Burgeron always used to tell her when she was young about when he was stationed in Gozo.


Resilience – 5 Card Flickr Poetry

Being a scientist by training, poetry hasn’t always come easy to ol’ Nana Lou.  Thanks to our week one #burgeron106 assignment I’ve had an opportunity this week to practice with a 5 Card Flickr story. I’ve seen others grapple with this assignment in the past. And it was nice to know I wasn’t alone right here in the family. Mama Boo shared her struggles and story with the rest of us which inspired me to give it a go.

You are dealt five random photos for each draw, and your task is to select one each time to add to your building set of images, that taken together as a final set of 5 – tell a story in pictures. I modified this a bit by telling the story created by the photos in the form of a poem. I find this helps me to get out of my logical mind (what I still have left after a 100 years…) and come from a deeper more intuitive place.  I even chose the pictures based on my intuition. When finished it just feels right.

If there is one thing about ol’ Nana that’s that I’m resilient.


Image Attribution: Tom Woodward (Photos 1,3, 4, 5), Serena Epstein: Photo 2


A promise of beauty, love and eternal life

Stainglass Window
A reality that includes death and decay

Decaying door
Don’t despair. Recover, Rebuild, make new again

The tree of life invites you to open the gate

Where Spring brings a refreshed promise of new life: emerging, unfolding

SpringUnfolding Eternally beginning again


Storytelling with Sally Lou

I was excited to start teaching my first “computer” class with little Sally Lou today.  (My great granddaughter on the Louridge side of the family.) Her friend will be joining us a little later in the month.  We plan on playing together every Thursday at 4:30 until the big Burgeron Family Reunion at the end of August.

It is amazing what kids can do if given the opportunity.  She dove right in.  Just like her great grandma Nana Lou.  After her dad asked if we were okay with onions as part of our dinner, (We both wanted to say, “Yuck”, although not to her dad.  We were polite and said, “No thank you.” instead.)  Then little Sally Lou used the Paper 53 app to draw a picture of an onion on a plate. She asked if we could make the onion smaller and place it on another picture with a person on it. (Creative kid!) But ol’ Nana Lou couldn’t figure out which app would help her that was easy to use on the spot. Sally Lou then suggested she could just draw the person in the corner. You can see her drawing below.  She is pushing the plate away with the onion on it and her tongue is sticking out. “Ewww….”


“Eww… Yuck… Onions” (Lady sticking her tongue out and pushing away a plate with an onion on it. Drawn by Sally Lou)



Silly Sally Lou turns herself old with the “Old Fart” app. Beard? Pipe? And look at that hair doo!

She also liked playing with the “Old Fart” app. Turning herself and her dolls into really old ladies – some very silly. The app crashed a couple of times on us, and I let her know that’s just the way it is with technology – sometimes it doesn’t work and we just figure out how to get around it.  That’s an important lesson for those Burgerons who are just dipping their toes into the digital media world.  Things go wrong all the time – expect it and move on.

This week’s computer classes are asking us to explore “What is a Story?”. So I asked Sally Lou if she’d like to tell a story about the pictures and I’d record it to post on our site.  She wanted to practice to get it just right. I told her that sometimes your first time is the best, but that I wouldn’t record her until she was ready.  After dinner she felt ready and I loaded up the iTalk app on my iPhone. I didn’t have to teach her about the Story Spine. She just knew how to tell a story.


Here’s little Sally Lou’s story about the old lady who wanted to swim, but couldn’t because she was too old.  Hmmm… I’m wondering if I’m  the old lady. 🙂


The old lady that wanted to learn to swim.

Then the woman next door helped her some more and more and more.


The woman next door who helped her to learn to swim.

But then after that the old lady got weak and tired. So she went into her house and never swam again.

I told her about the other Burgeron Family children around the world, and that I’d try to set-up a video chat for us.  I’m hoping Little Boo and Bella Burgeron might want to meet Sally Lou. Any other family members want to stop on by?

I wonder what the story is behind this one? I can’t wait until next Thursday to find out what the story is behind this one? Any guesses out there Burgeron Family?



Sheep Shed #TvsZ Safehouse

It was a long day yesterday running & hiding from all those Zombies.  I’ve managed to keep myself alive along with a few of my friends. My safehouse at #NanasPlace was a life saver indeed.

Using Storify I was able to capture our conversation to share with you all.

==> CLICK HERE to follow the complete Storyfied experience at #NanasPlace <==

Those Zombies didn’t get us, but they were lurking right outside.  We could hear them.  Begging for body parts…… tsk, tsk….

==> CLICK HERE to follow the complete Storyfied experience at #NanasPlace <==

IMG_2209I was so exhausted that I slept through the night.  I wrote down some notes for today just before I nodded off.  I posted my #picsafe (A photo taken during the game and tweeted to #TvsZ gives humans immunity from Zombies as long as they are quiet.) kept me safe throughout the night. That horrible Zombie horde must’ve been tired after all that carnage.  They were pretty quiet last night.

But the morning rays did not bring peace to the Burgeron Family trailer.  We are still vulnerable.  There has been talk of antidote, but we humans are skeptical.  I doubt there are too many synthetic organic chemists among their lot.  And the humans are too busy just surviving to hang out in a lab.  And what about test subjects? Now that would be a tough one. Those Zombies would have no problem with biting the hand that feeds/cures them.

We are going to continue to need safe places to hide out until either we succumb to the Zombie infection or a cure is found.  It’s up to us remaining humans to do all we can to help the human race survive.  No tough guys left in Bovine County to protect us any longer. “Tough guy” Jean-Claude Van Damme ran away yesterday along with the Burgeron sheep leaving the #sheepshed as a #TvsZ #safezone for us.

“Tough Guy” Jean-Claude Van Damm ran away from the Zombie horde along with the Burgeron sheep. (Read about the making of this GIF here.)