No.6 Speaks


No.6 says “Reject this false world of #2 NOW!”


No. 6 says “I am not a number, I am a person”.


Sappho quotes No. 6 “I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own.”

dutch fairy tales

The ex-Admiral speaks,”We are all pawns, my dear!”


No. 2 says, “Did you know we have our own little newspaper?”


No.2 says: “We can treat folly with kindness . . . knowing that soon his wild spirit will quieten, and the foolishness will fall away to reveal a model citizen.”


Nana Lou says, “We’re not quite sure what this means!!”


Audio found here.

‘Sappho’ Imprisoned by #Prisoner106


I am Sappho. I am resigned to be part the Village this summer. You will find me at #prisoner106 as the ‘village lyricist’. I will be attempting periodic side trips out of the village to join the Bovine Fairy Tale Festival which officially began June 29. I see cross – pollination potential, and so let the mash-ups begin!

Fact: I am resigned because I have been told that ‘there are no loopholes’.

Fact: I am resigned because I have been told that a still tongue makes for a happy life.

Fact: I don’t know how to maintain design integrity.

Fact: I think; therefore, I am not a number.

Background Facts (Admin. needs information)

#1 Fact I like to tell stories. I love to listen to and create stories.

#2 Fact #prisoner106 is a story based on the original creation of Patrick McGoohan who also acted in the lead role as ‘Number Six’. A short synopsis of the story:

Number Six spent the entire time – spanning across 17 episodes – attempting to escape from The Village and trying to find out the identity of his captor, the elusive Number Two. As he frantically explores his environment, he discovers that its inhabitants are identified by number instead of by name and have no memory of a prior existence or outside civilisation. He repeatedly declares: “I am not a number – I am a free man!” 

#3 Fact I was introduced to the ‘Prisoner’ series by DS106.

#4 Fact


your village
#6 Fact I created my Village registration card by converting the proprietary .psd file supplied by the Village Office to .jpeg and used Bazaart app on my Ipad to insert my facial image and text identifying myself and my role in the Village.
 Here is the original .psd registration file.


Sappho recommends this: Interview with Patrick McGoohan.


Fairy Tale Festival Schedule

Fairy Tale Festival Schedule

The Lady of Stavoren

This is a work in progress. Taking an old Dutch legend about the town of Stavoren and its sandbank in the Netherlands , with a throwback to Ring of Polycrates found in Herodotus, and adapting it to the DS106 Summer 2015 Fairy Tale Festival. Each edition will be different as I learn about the story and take inspiration from others who have tackled it. Credits forthcoming. be continued…..

I Movie made by @janweb3

Steep learning curve with I Movie. Here is the next version which develops the story a bit more. I added some filters for color and some background sound.

I Movie made by @janweb3

ok, version # 3 Some audio issues as I went from recording on Iphone to Ipad, but I think I can fix it on the IMovie app. Trying to incorporate the Burgeron tale in the background of the Dutch fairy tale as the DS106 crew is ever capricious and always in the background of this fairy tale fest!!

This is my final version.


Voice reading by @janweb3

Text read: an edited version of The Lady of Stavoren.

Movie made with Imovie and Bazaart.

Photos by @janweb3

The Lady of Stavoren is an old legend of Stavoren, Netherlands.

PR Rolls Into Town


PR Rolls Into Town

The word is getting out! Bovine County will be hosting its first annual fairytale festival this summer, and the social media buzz is already beginning. Cousin Bernie, who currently works for a large and sophisticated Marketing Multinational in New York City known as ‘Wix’, has created a very professional PR website about the county’s foray into arts and culture. The slick production is being tweeted, googled and broadcast across internet channels and back channels giving Bovine County a notoriety it never thought possible.

Betsy de R. reports that some local ‘Boviners’ (for lack of a better term) are uncertain about this widespread media attention on their small and closely knit community. They are not sure that buses rolling into town with festival goers is what their community wants.


On the other hand, Betsy de R. has discovered that most of the Burgeron family supports the kind of magic and serendipity that a collaborative festival of the kind proposed by the County’s Art Council can bring to Bovine county’s otherwise quiet and rural setting. Cousin Bernie’s PR work is welcomed by the Burgerons as a boost to the Festival which will guarantee the fest’s success.



The storytelling has already begun with Cousin Ron’s flying windmill and the butterfly tale.

‘It’s early in the evening when Nana’s sitting under the tree house of Dr M with all the Burgeron children gathered around her. Even little Boo has come to listen to the story Nana is about to tell…..’


Aunt Sappy’s ‘Southern Dutch’

Aunt Sappy’s ‘Southern Dutch’

Two never- before seen poems by Sappho were discovered in a buried urn at the Burgeron Trailer grounds last year when Betsy de R. was investigating some strange occurrences. While classicists rejoiced at the discovery, the Bovine County residents were worried about the attention this would bring to their peaceful community.


As it turns out, Cousin Ron Burgeron is  a world renowned papyrologist at the University of the Netherlands and he has indicated that the poems’ origins are unknown and may have found their way into the black market and ultimately purchased by an anonymous collector in Amsterdam.

Professor Ryker Teunis of the University of Amsterdam, at the invitation of Cousin Ron, will be attending the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival as a pre-eminent Dutch fairy tale scholar, and so will be able to illuminate the poems’ references to windmills and butterflies.


The text roughly translated, so far, needs some crowd-sourcing to decipher the remainder of the poems’ content:

Once upon a time …
There’s a wind mill

A man and woman

Then …
Don’t know yet

Then …
Wind mill can fly

Don’t know yet

Wind mill turns into butterfly

Butterfly dying
Lands on shoulder of beautiful lady
Ends as a tattoo on her shoulder

At last
Picture in museum
Flying wind mill
Tattoo on shoulder

Bovine County’s daily newspaper has already announced the summer Fairy Tale Festival, but it has made no mention of the recent Sappho poem discoveries in an attempt to discourage a summer population boom especially from those in the Society for Classical Studies (SCS).


Aunt Sappy would like to invite the entire extended Burgeron family to the Bovine Fairy Tale Festival to get a flavor of  ‘Southern Dutch’. Good times ahead!


Legendary Trailer Tales Trailer

Credits: Sappho’s poems cited from:

Haunted Trailer


It’s been a while since we found Nana Lou surfing with Sappho on Maui.The leaves are falling now from the few trees around the Burgeron Trailer, and the Burgerons are nowhere to be found, leaving the trailer abandoned to the elements. Spiders make homes now where pets were housed and the full harvest moon languishes in the sky casting ghostly shadows on the once lively trailer in Bovine County. Nana Lou’s spirit still haunts the trailer grounds, and her ghost appears from the balcony of Dr. M’s tree-house on moonlit nights. Strange howls and cat screams punctuate the still nights while the ‘East of the Web’ Witch has been seen riding her broom above the trailer.