PR Rolls Into Town


PR Rolls Into Town

The word is getting out! Bovine County will be hosting its first annual fairytale festival this summer, and the social media buzz is already beginning. Cousin Bernie, who currently works for a large and sophisticated Marketing Multinational in New York City known as ‘Wix’, has created a very professional PR website about the county’s foray into arts and culture. The slick production is being tweeted, googled and broadcast across internet channels and back channels giving Bovine County a notoriety it never thought possible.

Betsy de R. reports that some local ‘Boviners’ (for lack of a better term) are uncertain about this widespread media attention on their small and closely knit community. They are not sure that buses rolling into town with festival goers is what their community wants.


On the other hand, Betsy de R. has discovered that most of the Burgeron family supports the kind of magic and serendipity that a collaborative festival of the kind proposed by the County’s Art Council can bring to Bovine county’s otherwise quiet and rural setting. Cousin Bernie’s PR work is welcomed by the Burgerons as a boost to the Festival which will guarantee the fest’s success.



The storytelling has already begun with Cousin Ron’s flying windmill and the butterfly tale.

‘It’s early in the evening when Nana’s sitting under the tree house of Dr M with all the Burgeron children gathered around her. Even little Boo has come to listen to the story Nana is about to tell…..’


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