Aunt Sappy’s ‘Southern Dutch’

Aunt Sappy’s ‘Southern Dutch’

Two never- before seen poems by Sappho were discovered in a buried urn at the Burgeron Trailer grounds last year when Betsy de R. was investigating some strange occurrences. While classicists rejoiced at the discovery, the Bovine County residents were worried about the attention this would bring to their peaceful community.


As it turns out, Cousin Ron Burgeron is  a world renowned papyrologist at the University of the Netherlands and he has indicated that the poems’ origins are unknown and may have found their way into the black market and ultimately purchased by an anonymous collector in Amsterdam.

Professor Ryker Teunis of the University of Amsterdam, at the invitation of Cousin Ron, will be attending the Bovine County Fairy Tale Festival as a pre-eminent Dutch fairy tale scholar, and so will be able to illuminate the poems’ references to windmills and butterflies.


The text roughly translated, so far, needs some crowd-sourcing to decipher the remainder of the poems’ content:

Once upon a time …
There’s a wind mill

A man and woman

Then …
Don’t know yet

Then …
Wind mill can fly

Don’t know yet

Wind mill turns into butterfly

Butterfly dying
Lands on shoulder of beautiful lady
Ends as a tattoo on her shoulder

At last
Picture in museum
Flying wind mill
Tattoo on shoulder

Bovine County’s daily newspaper has already announced the summer Fairy Tale Festival, but it has made no mention of the recent Sappho poem discoveries in an attempt to discourage a summer population boom especially from those in the Society for Classical Studies (SCS).


Aunt Sappy would like to invite the entire extended Burgeron family to the Bovine Fairy Tale Festival to get a flavor of  ‘Southern Dutch’. Good times ahead!


Legendary Trailer Tales Trailer

Credits: Sappho’s poems cited from:

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