Haunted Trailer


It’s been a while since we found Nana Lou surfing with Sappho on Maui.The leaves are falling now from the few trees around the Burgeron Trailer, and the Burgerons are nowhere to be found, leaving the trailer abandoned to the elements. Spiders make homes now where pets were housed and the full harvest moon languishes in the sky casting ghostly shadows on the once lively trailer in Bovine County. Nana Lou’s spirit still haunts the trailer grounds, and her ghost appears from the balcony of Dr. M’s tree-house on moonlit nights. Strange howls and cat screams punctuate the still nights while the ‘East of the Web’ Witch has been seen riding her broom above the trailer.

3 thoughts on “Haunted Trailer

  1. Text has words of abandonment and falling leaves. empty spaces and inhabitants nowhere to be found. The moon, spiders ghosts and howling souds and a witch and shadows.
    The nouns in the second half of the story do have adjectives.
    It is like I hear someone start a new story about the Haunted trailer.


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