Silent Harry and Dr M

Well family, this week we are reading movies to prepare for next week when we make them.

As you know from last week’s trailer, Dr M is working on a silent movie for the reunion and wanted to learn a few tricks to make the movie a little more realistic. It turns out that in the unit we are working on this week from the open syllabus there is some information to prepare for just such an assignment.

From that assignment I went to a tutorial by Cogdog that has lots of tricks to help Dr M with her movie making.

If you do one thing this week ‘read’ the movie clip Cogdog made. What tricks does he use to turn a modern film into a silent one? Then read his blog post to get more pointers. Have a good week all!

This week Dr M is around to guide you around the trailer. Just knock at the tree house door but watch out for the gardenia pot.




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