How little Bobby and his mother became Little Boo and Mama Boo

We know a lot about little Boo and mama Boo already, but the story of how they became ghosts hasn’t been told yet.

Ron Burgeron who was a witness to the event that lead to little Boo and mama Boo becoming ghosts, told us what happened.

Listen to the story.


5 thoughts on “How little Bobby and his mother became Little Boo and Mama Boo

  1. Trying to get in the habit of commenting here so that we have the whole story at the trailer. I left this comment on G+ earlier:

    Dear Ron! you have made my day! I love being told stories and and you have a great voice to tell them. I came to do a quick check of how the story had progressed….lovely! and now we also know how come Anna cow is so smart! Her ancestors went visiting other worlds and who knows how the cow gene pool was enhanced! Awesome! Thank you. 


  2. Wow! This is great! I love the narration of the story. My campfire photo was taken on a little island on the West Coast of BC called Lasqueti Island. I own 24 acres there. It is really spooky at night, so you need a big fire to keep the ghosts and other spirits away. I slept alone there one night to the sounds of a bullfrog and was so scared as my mind played tricks on me-I wondered whether cougars could mimic the sound of a bullfrog as I tried desperately to fall asleep in my trailer (true story!).
    What’s great too is that Little Boo’s backdrop is very West Coast BC!


    • Wow! I wouldn’t have dared to sleep alone in the wild. I’m too much used to having lots of people all around me.

      Though … bullfrog imitating cougars … eh, no, that wouldn’t have been my biggest fear. 😉


  3. I don’t care how old I am, I never tire of sitting in front of the fire listening to you tell your stories Ron. The young ones in the Burgeron family will be so excited when they get to hear you tell more this summer. 🙂


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