Betsy de R. Reports: Timber!




Strange goings-on investigated by ace reporter Betsy de R.

Seems that some of the Burgeron neighbors decided the large tree between the trailer and the shed was just too close for comfort especially with the large crowd expected in August for the family reunion.

Don Burgeron is pretty upset about the felling of his favorite tree around which he had so carefully constructed his deck. Large trees are rare in Bovine County. He’s called in Bovine County Sheriff B. Good to investigate his neighbors’ logging activities on his property. At this point the sheriff has ‘No Comment’ because he is up to his eyeballs with his drone investigations commissioned by Judge I. McMurphy. The judge also declined comment when questioned about his opinions.

Betsy de R. was able to determine that Dr. M.’s treehouse was located in a different tree adjacent to the trailer, so her sessions will run as scheduled. Dr. M. believes that @gifadog may be able to use his keen senses to help with the ongoing investigations at Area 106.



Credits: All writing by Betsy de R. (Sappho @Janweb3)

Tree Falling image:

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